EPRALIMA – Escola Profissional do Alto Lima, C.I.P.R.L is a Private and Cooperative School, which focuses on vocational education, while offering Youth Education and Training Courses, Adult Education and Training Courses, and Specialized Technology Level V Courses.

EPRALIMA prepares young people and adults for the exercise of qualified professions, by developing mechanisms that create closer ties between schools and economic institutions. EPRALIMA has also an extensive experience in transnational and communitarian projects.



Centre for Continuing Education No. 2 in Lublin

The Centre of Continuing Education No. 2 in Lublin is a public educational institution whose traditions go back to the oldest high school in Lublin for adults e.g. Tadeusz Kościuszko High School for Working People. The Centre aims at taking the necessary steps to implement didactic and statutory methods. It also provides each student with the necessary conditions for studying, further training and retraining.

As one of the elements of the national education system, the Centre seeks to continuously improve the quality of work, organizational development and the elaboration of educational offers that would meet the needs of the learners and the labour market.



ACTA Center

The European Centre for Socio-professional Integration ACTA (AbilitiesCareerTrainingAttitude) promotes the educational activities, professional and social skills development of young people and adults in order to be able to adapt and to integrate effectively in a dynamic society. ACTA is also committed to social integration and give equal opportunities to vocational skills learning for the most disadvantaged groups of people.

ACTA Center offers support for young people and has an important role in expanding collaboration between schools and NGOs at the community level. ACTA aim to contribute to the economic and civic growth of persons, through lifelong education and to draw attention to the importance of supporting the integration of disadvantaged groups. We wish to enhance people empowerment, entrepreneurship, creativity, social inclusion and the acceptance of cultural diversity through intercultural learning. We encourage people to develop their ideas and initiatives into concrete projects and our prime and foremost aim is to empower people in the most efficient and holistic methods.



Hellenic Open University

Hellenic Open University (HOU) is the only Greek State University that offers formal and non-formal lifelong education to more than 40.000 students dispersed all over the country (www.eap.gr). About 80% of its students are working professionals who seek further education in order to improve or change their career. HOU is member of EADTU, EUA, Eurashe and the Greek Digital Skills and Jobs coalition. It applies the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2013 and ELOT 1429:2008 quality standards.

HOU will participate through the DAISSy research group (http://daissy.eap.gr, http://gr.linkedin.com/in/daissyresearchgroup), which realizes society-centred educational and technological, research, develops online learning platforms, MOOCs and 3D environments, enables the development of digital and citizenship skills, and adopts standards (e-CF, DigComp, ECTS, ECVET, EQAVET etc.). Since its establishment, DAISSy has participated in more than 60 national and European projects, in various frameworks.



Bulgarian Development Agency

Bulgarian Development Agency (BDA) is a non-profit association undertaking activities for public benefit, established in Sofia, Bulgaria. The association aims to contribute to the regional development as well as to promote the democratic and integration processes.




Founded in 2004, Agenfap promotes and spreads the development and innovation ofknowledge to support companies and professionals in increasing their competitivecapacity, with particular attention to the Digital Transformation process. Through the toolsof Service Design such as the Brand Storytelling Canvas, and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Agenfap works to strengthen companies and managers in their strategic approach,communication projects, people development, market research and Assessment Center.

Agenfap main topics: Digital Transformation, Business Development, ChangeManagement, People Development, Creative Thinking, Team Development, DiversityManagement



RIC Novo mesto

RIC Novo mesto is one of the leading adult education organisations in Slovenia with more than 60 years of experience in working with adults. Our institute was established as a public equivalent body by the Municipality of Novo mesto, the largest city of South-East Slovenia. We currently employ 24 people and cooperate with more than 130 regular external experts, teachers, mentors, researchers and volunteers.

As a public body, we work closely with a wide network of local, regional and national partners, such as municipalities, ministries, regional development agencies, chamber of commerce and industry, chamber of crafts, other adult education organisations, primary and secondary schools, higher education institutes and faculties, NGOs, enterprises, etc. Based on our project work, we cooperate with a network of international partners.

Our general programmes to gain formal education comprise primary school and secondary school for adults, furthermore, we organise non-formal vocational courses, computer and language courses and general adult education courses on various topics. We are also a representative office for European Business Competence* Licence/EBCL.



Consorzio Ro.ma

Consorzio Ro.Ma., is a Vocational Education and Training provider and a business consulting organization founded in 2003. During the years it is specialized in the planning, design, delivery, management, monitoring and evaluation of training paths at various levels.

In the field of School Education Consorzio Ro.ma. deals with the training and updating of skills of the school teachers in activities aimed at encourage the innovation in teaching at the level of strategies, methodologies and teaching tools.

In the field of Adult Education it works for improving the high-quality learning opportunities of low-skilled adults and to validate skills acquired through informal and / or non-formal learning pathways.

In the field of Vocational and Educational Training it carries out training activities with the aim of social and working inclusion of groups at risk of exclusion.

Consorzio Ro.Ma also supports the businesses and the organizations for implementing of training plans finalized to skills upgrading and dissemination of business development plans.



Inercia Digital

Inercia Digital is an Andalusian SME founded in 2010 and specialized in training and innovation in digital and entrepreneurial skills on an international level. It is certificated as Innovative young business by AENOR, accredited as an Erasmus+ center for education and vocational training, named a member of the «Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition» by the European Commission and it’s implicated in the European Green Digital Coalition.

Its mission is to promote internationally digital and innovation competences and education entrepreneurial, for professional people and all the citizens in general.  Its vision is being an Excellence Vocational Training Center on an international level through the continuous improvement of education and innovation.

Inercia Digital is an expert in the development of international education projects, for promoting innovation and fostering digital competences, having participated in many european educational projects, that promote digital innovation (Erasmus+ program, Lifelong Learning Program, Tempus and CYTED), that gives a wide experience in the creation of educational platforms, websites, pedagogical and educational contents.



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